Andrew William Minh Jefferis is an 21 year old aspiring fashion photographer living in Bozeman, MT and based in both Los Angeles, CA and New York City, NY. He was adopted when he was six months old from Soc Trang, Vietnam, grew up in Avon, Connecticut and graduated from Avon High School in the spring of 2013. He has worked with one of the most sought after models in the business, Alysha Nett as well as the very notable albino model, Shaun Ross. Andrew attended the Parsons New School of Design in Manhattan for one year as well as a semester at Montana State in Bozeman, MT before deciding to work freelance full time.  He is now permanently based in Los Angeles, CA and resides in Bozeman, Montana. 

"My mother passed from brain cancer in late 2010 and although it broke my heart, it gave me the motivation and drive I needed to pursue what I loved. It's been interesting traveling so many places, I'm certainly blessed to be able to do what I love doing. I think my style is unique to others, I love capturing people at a vulnerable state and shooting the kind of emotion that I imagine in my head. I've very creative, I can see things and make them happen. I love working with new people and getting the chance to photograph them how I see them. Sometimes friends of mine don't see their own beauty and I do my best to prove to them that it exists. I value my friendships and the time I spend with people because of where it's gotten me as well as the conversations we have on our adventures. God gives us what we need; not always what we want. It's one of the greatest lessons I have learned since beginning this when I was 15." 

I thank so many people for helping me and putting up with me throughout these past few years. Inside, it's a different world from the outside. Everyone goes through their struggles but as I leave mine behind and discover a whole new world of fashion and photography and anything that comes with it, I hope to keep the memories that built on such a crazy journey that's been so far.



Alysha Nett (Model) Locations: Los Angeles, CA ; New York, NY  [www.alyshanett.com] Associated w/ VOGUE ITALIA, BAZAAR, INKED MAGAZINE

African Safari (Missions) Locations: Niarobi & Kisumu, Kenya [Associated with TNET]

Struan Shields [Singer] Locations: Vienna, VA & Nashville, TN [www.struanshields.com] Associated w/ PARACHUTE,

JD Eicher & the Goodnights (Band) Location: Pittsburgh, PA [JDeicherandthegoodnights.com]

Trevor Shapiro [Male model] Locations: Simsbury, CT ; New York, NY 

Scott Myrick (Katy Perry and Taylor Swift dancer) Location: Los Angeles, CA; Featured on GLEE, Dancing with the Stars, Katy Perry Movie, American Music Awards, The Grammys and The Brit Awards

Adam Gallagher (Blogger) Location: Los Angeles, CA; Originated with www.lookbook.nu. and www.iamgalla.com

Warren K Carlyle IV (Model) @modelwarren

Mariano Di Vaio- Shot in FLORENCE, ITALY. www.mdvstyle.com

Khadija Nicholas- Dancer (shot in NYC and New Orleans, LA - Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour)

Anabelle Acosta (Actor) Brooklyn, NY

Jason Brickhill - Model/Clothing Designer #madebyjasonbrickhill (SoHo, New York, NY)

Jared Allman- Actor (Girls Who like Boys Who Like Boys, Scenes from a Gay Marriage) Atlanta, Georgia

Phil Sullivan- Contestant from America's Next Top Model (Cycle 20) SoHo, NYC

Zach and Josh Smith- (Models) - Los Angeles, CA 

Daniel Franzese (Actor) -Mean Girls- New York, NY

Jamie Ryan Dee (Personality/Blogger) London, USA

Joshua and Zachary Smith (Models) Los Angeles, CA

Jack Juliar (Model) Minneapolis, MN

Thomas Sanders (Vine, Comedian) Orlando, FL

Lisa Momberger (Los Angeles, CA)

Andrew James Allen (Actor - Criminal Minds, CSI: Miami.. etc.)

Kyla Pratt (Actor- Disney's 'The Proud Family' & Doctor Doolittle)

Shaun Ross (First male albino model, Beyonce's music video "Pretty Hurts", Katy Perry's "E.T." music video & Lana Del Rey's film "Tropico")

Rachael Kathryn Bell (Actor, played Addison on Disney's 'The Suite Life on Deck')

TC & Blake Englsih (Band, After Romeo)

Tania Raymonde (Actor, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D & LOST)

Matt LeMond (Model, Actor)

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